Coast to Coast – George Noory / 2 hours live!

Coast to Coast AM

I have been asked to come on George Noory “Coast to Coast” and talk about my book!

Just a huge thanks going out to everyone and all the support!

Gonna be doing two hours with George Noory next Tuesday at 10pm Pacific on my book Skinwalker Shards Linger!!



IMG_20130731_144154_314I am at the local IGA – Lodge Grass has one of  the worst school systems in all of the United States and the “white owner” has signs everywhere stating “NO SHOPLIFFTING!” – two “FF’s” – I laughed so hard and took a pen and graded the sign in front of me! Dear store owner – poor spelling is not indicative of race, creed,  or socioeconomic status…it just means ya don’t know how to use spell check!

Furthermore – what I love about this sign is that it does not target “some” shoplifters = it targets – ALL!

Kinda sounds like someone has been watching too much Dawg the Bounty Hunter – because who “CAPTURES” a shoplifter?