Shotgun Greeting! Westwood Ranch

How I roll

I see truck  lights 3/8 of a mile out at the main gate and know it is locked securely!

Five minutes pass and some tweeker is walking around the house!

Remington 870 in hand and out the door in my PJ’s (Now that is a visual) and

Hoss – “hey, what do you want?”

Tweeker – ” hey, WTF – why you got a gun?” “you greet me with a gun MF…what the you think this is the wild F-ing West”

Hoss – “I don’t know you and you are trespassing”

Tweeker – “I am looking for my bro who lived here” “this is my land (Crow Indian) you are trespassing”

Hoss – “really?” “you need to leave”

Tweeker – ” damn dude – your gate is all locked tight I could not get it off the hinges”

Hoss – “you have a nice night”

Tweeker – ” I did not walk clear down here for nothing – you got some smoke? some weed? some money cause I walked a long way!”

Hoss – ” you have a nice night”

Tweeker – “WTF Dude? you disrespect me with that shotgun – I am native – this is my land – I will be coming back to take it!”

Watched him walk down the road to his truck –

This morning both gates are bent and off the hinges – easy fix – and both gate cameras (fake) are smashed!

Guess that is what I get for being disrespectful!

PS – for all those that are for gun control – remember our Vice Prez approved shotguns!