Did I meet a Native American Angel Mystic?

Yes, I puzzled over the title – I am making meatloaf and a truck drives up. I think that is odd because the gate is closed. I throw my b7b9aeba1cf32955e9082f57e1a0571cMuck boots on and head outside. A Native American guy about mid 40’s long brown hair in a pony tail and a red ball cap gets out of his mid-90’s Chevy 4×4 (complete with bald tires so ya know he was from Lodge Grass). But, half way through our chat – his tone switched and he asked if he could tell me a story. Being me, I was enthralled.

He started off a bit disjointed and told me one day back in the early 90’s he was in Crow Agency (you know cause every one moves through there) and this guy gets out of the passenger side of a late model expensive ElDorado. The guy has long blonde hair and is tone, tan and looks angelic. He approaches and asks the native what tribe? Crow – from Lodge Grass – and then he listens to a diatribe about the coming end of the world. The blonde passenger is a hitchhiker headed to Lame Deer on the Cheyenne Rez for sweat lodge. He claims, he is a wealthy guy that has been chosen to spread the word of the apocalypse. He tells the native to buy ”  Phoenix  Rising by Mary Summer Rain. He claims to have been told by the author to spread the word among the native people. The native tells me that he believes a time is coming when all the computer plastic mechanical things will all cease in one day and then no matter who or how wealthy your are – it will not matter. He said his grandfather told him of a time coming when life will grow hard so learn as much as one can about the old ways and prepare.

So, I am standing in my driveway listening and the native guy comes back to himself after an hour long telling. I was enthralled! He smiles and says maybe he will come back this way again someday! and drove away.

Times like these are why I love living on the Crow Rez!

Amazon describes the book:x22505

“In a cabin set deep in a Colorado forest, flickering firelight softens the weathered face of an aged wise woman as she quietly reveals her dramatic visions of the future. Wishing to be called No-Eyes, the old one shares her extensive foresight with her inquisitive and often precocious student, Mary Summer Rain. The intense interactions of the companionable pair range from stern discipline to awe to playfulness. And their heartfelt relationship continues to captivate readers from all walks of life.
Phoenix Rising covers an autumn season in the early 1980’s when extensively detailed revelations were shared by the visionary. The subject matters cover earth changes, economic decline, the devaluation of real estate, Stock Market, nuclear meltdowns, civil unrest, new diseases, radiation leaks, problems within the Church, wars, laboratory leaks, government upheaval, natural disasters such as earthquakes, sinkholes, volcanoes, high winds, catastrophic floods, wide-spread droughts, and more.”

Angel, Mystic, all I know is he was definitely native – now why talk to me?


Ms. LittleLight

English: Dodge Power Wagon
this is what I think my Dodge Power Wagon looks like –

So Mojo is barking at another dog as I get into the 1990 Dodge Power Wagon at the local  IGA grocery store. Mojo’s hair is all up and he is barking hardcore – when this Indian lady with no teeth pops her head in my window. Okay she might have had one tooth, and she was gumming something in that cavern of a mouth that looked like a tooth – whew, just a sunflower seed. She said ” I have three dogs that could rip your dog apart if he is insulting me by barking at me”. Whoa, now here is a woman that takes her dogs serious. I smiled and tried to explain he was barking at a mangy old dog in the parking lot and it was all good.

She was jacked up and tweaking or drinking or both – pretty hard. She smiled her toothless smile and became all calm when she realized I was just  a local stopping for junk food. We chatted for a bit and she kept reminding me of her three dogs at the trailer behind her mom’s house where she lives. She was very polite and asked me to come up to Lodge Grass Indian housing with her – I asked her about the young tweaker guy she was with – that mother fx%$#@ all thinks he is with me – but he ain’t even got a ride – I am gonna knock him out!  Ahhhh, then I finally got it – she needed a ride and I was her john. I

Killer Dog!
Killer Dog!

always give people rides – from the guy who gave me $50 bucks (I did not take it) to give him a 1/4 mile ride up the hill to some pretty sketchy guys I made ride in the back despite the snow (they said “all cool bro – if we were you we would not let us in the cab either”.

The great people and great things that happen here in Lodge Grass where everyone waves and smiles and no one knows ur name! Now I know you Ms. Little Light…and again…yes, Crow Indians get all the cool names. (I wanna know where Mr. BigLight is)

My reality!
My reality!

The Lodge Grass Dumpster Bible

Christ oriental - Our Lady of Lebanon Melkite ...
Christ oriental – Our Lady of Lebanon Melkite Church, Fortaleza Brazil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Catholic Church “Our Lady of Loretto” is a wonderful active church that provides a multi-denominational outreach to the community of Lodge Grass. The local Baptist church is being torn down. Hypocrisy aside, I have observed the local Baptists using funds and labor for their own personal gain and the Catholic Church flourishes – go figure.

I take the trash down to the dump and find a Bible lying at the edge of the dumpster. I rescue the Bible and think back to when I was four years old and my Aunt Judy’s Sunday School Class. The chubby girl with short legs is sitting next to me and because her feet do not reach the floor she props her Bible under her feet! I remember the righteous indignation my Aunt Judy had when she saw the chubby girls feet on the Bible. I remember my aunt whipping that girl for defacing a Bible! It is the only time I ever saw my aunt angry and she likened it to Christ cleaning out the temple.

I was the naughty boy growing up. I was always in trouble. I think my teacher actually got tired of whipping me. But I knew that one did not mess around in church! The one time I messed around in church (throwing fudge balls in the sanctuary at Steve Smetters) a fudge ball went high and stuck just below the arm of the Cross of Christ. No one ever found out – but I felt extreme guilt for weeks as I entered the sanctuary and looked up to see the ever-present fudge ball. (Yes, we did make jokes about Christ not liking fudge.)

The Lodge Grass Dumpster Bible is now in the truck and will reside there as a reminder to honor the precepts found within…and an ever present reminder of fudge balls, forgiveness, and the peace of Christ.

Lodge Grass Baptist Church
Lodge Grass Baptist Church

TRUGRIT – Dodge Powerwagon

need I say more?
irony since I live on the Crow Reservation!

I pull into the local IGA in my new 1990 Dodge 1ton Powerwagon! (The IGA functions as a social mecca for Lodge Grass because it is the only store – well aside from the Farmer’s Union which is a gas station with free coffee for the elderly and I refuse to submit)….

One old local drunk that hangs out panhandling in front of the IGA and whom I have never seen before – yells at me! I am thinking “great, she wants money and I am always such an easy target”. I walk over and say good-morning and she says “where is the Jeep?” I am thinking ya gotta be kidding me the local drunk knows me and my Jeep? She proceeds to tell me how sweet my Jeep was and how she looked forward to seeing it every day! I was stunned – I did not think anyone ever noticed me or my Jeep! I told her I sold it to a man in North Dakota and he gave me too much money! She laughed and said she liked my new wheels – “ya blend in now”. Mission Accomplished! This is what I love about Lodge Grass – everyone says hello and waves – small town Indian Rez life!

Tru Grit is the name of my 1990 Dodge Powerwagon! Oh, it says PowerRam on the side but I prefer the old title PowerWagon! I had one just like it a few years ago but I lost it through a misunderstanding. I love this old truck! Okay, I am Old Skool or as the local IGA cashier says “dang you are all vintage” which I took as a compliment (doubtful, since she is like 20). I found Tru Grit on Craigslist and talked the guy down and down and down…he threw in the big diamond plated bed box and I drove it home from Sheridan, WY. It has the venerable 360 in her and while I was toying with buying a diesel – I just could not justify the cost. I took the bed box out and now Tru Grit looks “Vintage”. So, if ya see me cruisin Lodge Grass, Sheridan or Kirby Saloon – wave or stop on in –

The only additions are a CB radio, and two stickers – one is “Support 81” and the other 2nd Amendment…so ya know I am locked and loaded and put a cowhide over the old worn out seat. I have been thinking bout getting a stereo…I probably look like a nerd cruising down the highway with headphones on…

with the diamond plate box (for sale)
DOG is my copilot
custom interior
custom interior