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Wary –the word within the word is well understood but vague. 

 The night of the interview with George Noory – when I disappeared or blacked out for a few minutes – I just came back and was looking at my phone. Everything was black outside and in as if a huge void had descended over the property – sucking everything out. I have had a bad headache based in my lower neck ever since. Moonshine is the cure – thanks Willy !
When I was about 4 years old two men (black suits – white shirts)  came to our home and took me into my parents bedroom for tests – I remember it well – I was told it was so I could go to special school. I remember the tests and they seemed in retrospect mental acuity tests. I remember it like it was yesterday but a couple years back I mentioned it to my parents and they said it never happened? I remember being scared of the dark and yet never being able to articulate it – I remember wanting  a room within a room where I was protected…I was so scared and yet when I was young I never told anyone (till now) – I remember later after we moved  asking my friend if the aliens ever talked to him and he laughed and said good one. I remember fear – fear that they would come back. 
I have never amounted to anything – although many envy my life because I always travel and live way out – it is odd…my dreams and goals are simple – travel and write and visit with people in an RV…I know sounds weird. 
Anyway – there are spots in my life I do not remember… I do not have a psychic powers or really any gift other than being able to write –  but remember clarity during a night with peyote tea. I saw the powers – thanks I know u understand. 
I know the other side and have seen it – not sure I want to cross over again. 
English: The Expiation Français : L'Expiation

English: The Expiation Français : L’Expiation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Killy’s Smokehouse Deli Redemption!

1969 Jeep CJ5 Adventure

I usually just take Old Iron (Jeep) up into the mountains to trout fish or explore. Today, I figured the sun was shining bright and I needed some Prana Energy so I peeled the bikini top off (the Jeep not me) and set out to see how the low road to Sheridan would be in Old Iron. The seats are probably original from 1969 and not comfortable so my right butt cheek fell off to sleep right away as I held the throttle down to a smooth 50mph!

I know, I am the guy in the old rig that y’all are cussin – but it is lifted and I could go 70 but I prefer a leisurely 50 miles per hour. 52 miles of bliss and ya know they say – Ignorance is bliss!

Headed to town in Old Iron - Low Road to Sheridan, Wyoming

Headed to town in Old Iron – Low Road to Sheridan, Wyoming

I roll into town and Sheridan is probably my favorite western town aside from Hot Springs, Montana. Hit the!  local Taco hot spot and it is closed so I have to settle for Toxic Swill (Taco Bell). Satiated – I cruise town in Old Iron and Mojo hangs out the back barking and being a cool black Lab! Hit the truck wash and then park at Walfart (Walmart). I park way out so Mojo can relax and drink Gatorade, chew a rawhide, and smoke a doobie! I shop and get some fishing lures, Cherry Limeade, and Motrin and walk back out to the Jeep. I come out of Walfart and see about twenty people gathered around  Old Iron. I am thinking “great, did Mojo get busted with doobie again?” He is just wagging his tail and happy as I walk up. A group of tourist from Scotland had never seen a dog left in a Jeep and were taking pictures of the Jeep and old Mojo.

Moral of the story – if ya wanna pick up hot old toothless women (or men) from Scotland – buy a 1969 Jeep, lift it, and throw your dog in back. It was really great meeting them and hearing about Scotland ! They loved the Jeep and Mojo – someone tonight will be getting a picture in their e-mail in Scotland of a cool dog and a sweet Jeep. I had no idea people thought the old beast was cool! Made my Day!

I ended the trip going to my favorite smoked extraordinary meat shop! The rack of ribs is $20 bucks for smoked ribs that are the best! I would rather just get some chicken and ribs smoked from Killy’s in Sheridan than eat out anyplace in Sheridan! Sure sometimes ya gotta fill the hole with Taco Bell – but Killy’s is the best meat in Sheridan period! http://www.killysmokehousedeli.com/ I brought home a rack of ribs and some chicken ! Good Eating! The cowboy beans are excellent, the salads are great, but the meat…is worth the drive! Just two more punches on my rib card and a free rack!

Thank you Jenni for introducing me to this awesome meat!

Killy’s Smokehouse Deli
1062 Brundage Lane Sheridan, WY
Killys Ribs!

Killys Ribs!

Happy Earth Day / Prius vs 69 Jeep CJ5!

1969 Jeep CJ5 Adventure, Native Stories

3.67 million Prius automobiles have been built and sold as of March 2013! Over half were sold in the US! GREEN! This car is touted as so green that it makes hippies dance without a hit from their bong.

Environmentally Friendly!

Environmentally Friendly!

For some reason, I just do not like the Prius. I have never driven one, never ridden in one, but I have been passed by one! I guess it is the irony of driving a Prius fast. It has not happened just once it has happened many many times. I was driving my 1997 Ford F350 with a 7.3 liter diesel at 75 miles per hour headed to Billings, Montana and bam there goes a Prius at 85 miles per hour – I thought well they might be charging their batteries on a downhill! I look down at the odometer and see that it is about to turn 400,000. I wonder how many Prius are about to turn 400,000? I think of the batteries in the Prius and Each battery pack uses 10–15 kg (22–33 lb) of lanthanum, and each Prius electric motor contains 1 kg (2 lb) of neodymium; production of the car is described as “the biggest user of rare earths of any object in the world.”[127]  

Whoa – the biggest user times 3.67 million Prius built = huge environmental impact!

I pull into the parking lot here in Lodge Grass, Montana at the local IGA! I spot a hippie getting out of a Prius! I am driving my 1969 Jeep CJ5. I am thinking wow Earth Day and I am driving an eco-friendly vehicle! Her Prius has a bumper sticker “MiSOULa” I guess Missoula Montana has a soul..cute and “Who Would Jesus Bomb” well we all know the answer to that – Muslims! Oh wait… Anyway, the Jeep is lifted with 35″ tires and the original engine, tranny, and transfer case! Yes, it has new axles Dana 44‘s out of a 73 Ford Bronco (re-use materials makes me a hippie?)!B8Cd98!EGk~$(KGrHqIOKooEy+jC)yvmBM14Go(-3w~~_12

Wow, 2013 Prius with cool bumper-stickers and my 44 year old Jeep! Which is more green? Well, I guess we have to find out in 40 years if the Prius is lifted and still on the road!

Happy Earth Day! and remember dream of Whirled Peas…peace out!

Dedicated to Stephen Garcia – monster-prius

Trout as well as eternal salvation

1969 Jeep CJ5 Adventure
Riding, fishing, 4-wheeling - all good!

Riding, fishing, 4-wheeling – all good!

“My father was very sure about certain matters pertaining to the universe. To
him, all good things–trout as well as eternal salvation–come by grace and
grace comes by art and art does not come easy.”
Norman Maclean

Same with 4-wheeling –

Boldness – Goethe

1969 Jeep CJ5 Adventure, Mojo

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”


Today in pictures – from mud to dinner! Custer Battlefield, Custer Trading Post, Garryowen Museum 

If you come on up to Crow Agency – there is really only one place to eat – Custer Trading Post!

The beginning of mu going to the pass!

The beginning of snow going to the pass! (and mud)

Great Views looking west to Lodge Grass
Great Views looking west to Lodge Grass

The pass snowed in still!
The pass snowed in still!

Mojo wantin a Buffalo Burger!

Mojo wantin a Buffalo Burger!

Favorite Custer Battlefield Diner!

Favorite Custer Battlefield Diner!

Waylon dishing up great food!

Waylon dishing up great food!

and finally Custer Battlefield!

and finally Custer Battlefield!

Cowboy Soup and Crow Frybread - all for $8 bucks!

Cowboy Soup and Crow Frybread – all for $8 bucks!

The Anvil or the Hammer

1969 Jeep CJ5 Adventure

“You must either conquer and rule or serve and lose, suffer or triumph, be the anvil or the hammer” GoetheKirby Saloon

Fried green beans and cheeseburgers – could anything be more American than driving a 43 year old Jeep over the mountain to Kirby? Kirby, Montana is no more than a blink of the eye bordering the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. I love 4 wheeling over ! This last weekend a good friend of mine stopped to drop off hay and said his mountain lion pelt is ready – shot just off the road to Kirby. In Montana, we usually have a gun in the truck/Jeep. Could that be construed as conquer in Mr. Goethe time? Are we the hammer?

Well, I was out hiking without the Remington 870 Tactical slung over my back. I had both dogs and came around the corner of the river and saw the most beautiful Mountain Lion! Now the Corgi sucked in and did not bark a word and ole Mojo let out a howl half way between “oh shit” and “please don’t eat us”  and I realized I need to always carry a hammer!

I am not going to get into the politics of guns, Obama, or even the Police State of Amerika – because the bottom line in life is “choices”. If you want to live in the country and carry a gun good! If ya want a gun free zone either go to Chicago, a movie theater in Denver, or teach school in Connecticut.

In the lyrics of my favorite song –  Aaron Lewis “Country Boy” –

‘Cause Hank taught me how to stay alive
You’d never catch me out the house – without my nine or forty-five’

Goethe wrote these words in the 1700’s and they hold true today!

Looking West