Shooting Skeet with your Tactical?

Being a fan of Vitaly at, I started thinking of ways to spend more time with my Remington 870. Walking

Remington 870's 12 gauge and 20 gauge
Remington 870’s
12 gauge and 20 gauge

through Walmart I stumbled upon a box of WhiteFlyer biodegradable clays. At $9.00 for 90 clays and $5.00 for a thrower – I bought them.

My Remington 870 has a BLACKHAWK Knoxx SpecOps Gen II stock coupled with a Remington 18″ smooth barrel (Parkerized) and I just added a Choate +3 magazine extension (Parkerized – yes, it is two inches longer than the barrel but does not impede function). The gun is sweet and I bought the Blackhawk Powerpack to keep an extra 5 shells handy and the handy waterproof tube on the other side. The Limbsaver recoil pad coupled with the Blackhawk recoil reduction makes the 12 gauge feel like a 410…well not really but close. I shoot Winchester 00 buck with 9 pellets and Winchester PDX1 for home defense.IMG_20140126_144248_237

Okay, now ya know what I am shooting – but I always feel that shooting 55 gallon drums on the run and cartons full of water while simulating home defense here on the ranch in Montana is expensive. I just thought instead of shooting the LC Smith side x side for clays, I should try the home defense gun that is with me 24/7 truck gun, home gun, all around gun. (Yes, I shot a bobcat last month that was eating the chickens but not before he got the barn cat.)

I think that this was a cool exercise in shooting. I spent about two hours shooting clays. My partner was shooting a 20 gauge Remington 870 and not as successful with the 20. The 12 gauge reached right out and blew those clays to smithereens.  I was surprised! I could miss and practice pumping that 870 and getting off a second shot to blow the clay outa the air. I think that shooting both 870’s added muscle memory. It also made me much more comfortable with my gun. The 870 tips the scale at just over 12lbs fully loaded. Carrying 13 shells is heavy and yet even with the light loads (#7) it improved my coordination.

It was sixty degrees here in Montana yesterday – a respite from the cold! Today it is 24 with winds over 30 mph. I am glad I got some shooting in yesterday to build confidence in myself and break in that new spring from Choate. I know many do not like the Choate magazine extension – but it functions well on both the 20 gauge and the 12 gauge.

So, take some time and head out and shoot clays with your tactical! Now I just have to figure out this Blackhawk single point sling – not sure I really like a single point. Oh well practice makes perfect!

(Huge thanks to for all the information and great links – without you I would be trippin and stubbing my toe)

Blackhawk Powerpack
Choate +3
Balckhawk PowerPak
Balckhawk PowerPak