Bees – They’re ripping my flesh off!

Lodge Grass Golden!
Lodge Grass Golden!

Remember the scene from Tommy Boy – [During the pretend “bee” attack] Bees! Bees! Bees in the car! Bees everywhere! God, they’re huge and they’re sting crazy! They’re ripping my flesh off! Run away, your firearms are useless against them! Yep, they are about to get pulled over and “Tommy” played by Chris Farley – remembers an old trick to get rid of the cops! ( ) Watch it and get back to me –

I had the great fortune of meeting the local “bee guy” today. Okay – they did not rip my flesh off but I am allergic and was a bit paranoid. I bought 1 gallon of honey for well lets just say “the local price”. It was so cool to go through the whole Bee farm and learn all about extracting honey. From separators to supers the vernacular was one I was very familiar with – I grew up raising bees with my dad. My fondest memories were getting suited up and harvesting honey. Of Course my father never put an electric motor on the separator. Nope, old skool all the way – hand crank that separator all day till my scrawny arms were sore. (My dad was an electrician and ya think he would have mounted a motor)

The bee man of Lodge Grass was really cool and told stories that I never even thought of raising bees back in Ohio. The best story was of an impudent bear that just walked up to a hive and harvested a super of honey and walked over to the bushes. The bee man thought well okay I will just load the rest up – but you guessed it the bear finished his honey early and now is a carpet in the bee man’s house! Imagine a bear coming full speed in honey lust and having the presence of mind to drop shoot all while wearing a harvesting outfit.

Well, the naturalist always say that if you eat local honey – you will build up your immune system. I will be eating my gallon of honey like a fat ole bear this winter!

Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are what you drive – Gay = Subaru?

I am in Bozeman and I (of course) am driving a huge 1 ton truck. I start looking around for parking spots and I am a keen observer – Subaru’s,

Official seal of Bozeman, Montana
Official seal of Bozeman, Montana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Subaru’s everywhere – Subaru’s ! Now, I know that Bozeman is the gay capital of Montana – and I know that the Subaru is the gay car of choice but really is everyone gay? ( no I am not making this up.

the-2013-subaru-xv-crosstrek_100386148_mThe whole gay thing really does not bother me – it is a personal choice that along with abortion, gun rights, and whether you read Grit magazine, just so you do not try to force your choice on me. Libertarian – I digress…

So, I have two 1 ton trucks – what does that say about me? Really? Poor gas mileage – built Ford and Dodge trucks, one gas and one diesel. I just am curious about what all my readers drive? and why ?

and there really is no place I would rather live than in and around Bozeman – simply beautiful!

Head Start and Food Stamps!

English: Logo of the .
English: Logo of the . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was listening to a friend’s diatribe the other day on how she could not get her child into a local Head Start. She called the regional office and was finally told “you and your husband work and make money so you do not qualify for Head start!” Not the right thing to say – She opened up both barrels and said “so you are going to discriminate against us because we work? because we do not choose to lie around do drugs, drink, and live on welfare like the trash in this town?” “We work, we pay taxes, we pay for you to have a job and you are going to deny my child her education?” ” You are going to leave my child behind because I am not some trash that is lazy and want better things for my child?” After a week of deliberation, Head Start allowed my friends child into class! Now this is an Indian woman who advocated for her child and ya gotta love her logic!

Now y’all know how I believe that some deserve food-stamps and others are just leeches on the system. So many times we are caught up in the stereotype of Indians are all on welfare. I was really pleased last week to see on Facebook one of my former students (Indian) just trash talking food-stamps and praising the elimination of food-stamps! It got better – all her “Indian” friends went on to bash people that did not deserve food-stamps! How they had coach purses, nice SUV’s and bought the best food or sold their food-stamps for .50 cents on the dollar. I was so pleased to see this group of educated hard working Indian women advocating for strict control of food-stamps!

I too have concerns and see food stamp abuse daily! I see friends that sell their food-stamps for .20 cents on the dollar. I hope that those that abuse food-stamps don’t ruin it for children that actually have a need. Yes, I think we need to revamp our system! I also believe that we will always have those that truly need!

(Disclaimer: This story is about two Navajo ladies and in no way is about the Egocentric)

Chuseok (ChewSuck) and Metal Chopsticks

chuseok038This is probably my favorite time of year anywhere in the world! I love the crisp mornings here on Westwood Ranch as the Little Big Horn flows and the trees begin to turn.

The fall always reminds me of my time in Seoul, Korea. The horrid heat of summer broke and the full moon was fast approaching – Chuseok. Korean version of our Thanksgiving without the Indians. Dressed in traditional Hanbok and eating traditional food was one thing I always loved! The Hagwon (Private Academy) I was working for decided to take all of us out to have dinner about a week before Chuseok. I had only been in Korea for about three months and my language and chopstick ability were not great. We went to eat Kalbi ( Korean Barbequed Beef Short Ribs) an expensive treat in Korea!


Now Kalbi is cooked right in front of you on a grill indoors! The garlic and kimchi smell is overwhelming and I must admit that I was hungry. Being a guest I was told I could take some meat off the grill first (you take the meat and wrap it in lettuce with goju – hot sauce) so I picked up my metal chop sticks and attempted to pick up some meat -as I squeezed down on that succulent piece of meat my one metal chopstick slipped – no not down into the hot coals but pirouetted end over end straight at the director/owner of the academy. I skewered him right in the head! I was mortified! He began to laugh and handed me a fork and told me I was restricted to using it the rest of dinner. I have since mastered the art of metal chopsticks

Metal lethal chopsticks
Metal lethal chopsticks



No, he was not dressed like this...
No, he was not dressed like this…

This stoop shouldered old Crow Indian man is in front of me at IGA – I just have a candy bar and he says “just go ahead in front of me son – I am waiting on the deli to bring stuff up for me – guess they don’t trust me – figure I will run off with it!” we laugh and  I reply – “don’t worry that happened to me yesterday and I am white!” He laughed and laughed and everyone in line joined in – he stopped and said – “just don’t let them have you sign any treaty’s!” and we all laughed ! Ya wonder why I love small Indian towns!

Warren Rules Lodge Grass
Warren Rules Lodge Grass