Goethe Again!

‘Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes” -Goethe

Wildflowers and the Jeep
Wildflowers and the Jeep

Goethe has been with me all morning –

Every-morning I drive down and feed the horses, and then Mojo, my old black lab and I make a tour of downtown Lodge Grass, Montana. What was once the only incorporated town on the Crow Reservation is now sucumb to a ghetto. I love Lodge Grass! I love that everyone waves as I drive on by –  I do not know anyone – a couple cashiers I joke with on occasion – the Post Office lady that I tease – Indian Joe the wanna be complete with ponytail – but everyone waves at the ole Jeep. I love all the dogs that chase the Jeep and how Mojo barks and is a dog!

I read about change yesterday with the acceptance of gay marriage. Not threatened –

But, what I was looking for was change close to home. I drive around the pow-wow grounds and up a hill passing the rodeo ground and looking toward the Wolf Mountains and I realize the change. Wildflowers! Every week there are new wildflowers opening. I stopped and shot some pictures but they do not do justice to the beauty. I don’t think that is the change Goethe is talking about but it is the change I prefer to see.