k12openminds07: Donating an XO to the Navajo People

Something from the past –


If you were among the fortunate few who attended the K12 Open Minds Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, this past October, then you may remember an impassioned speech given during lunch on the second day. The speaker was Claudia Edgewater, a member of the Navajo People, and she spoke eloquently about the need for more educational resources for her people, and the promise she hoped that open technologies such as open-source offered to help educate young Navajo children.

I don’t recall her exact words. I didn’t need too, for as soon as I learned she was a Navajo after I went over to talk with her a few minutes later, I immediately understood that parts of the Navajo Reservation were as poor today as they were fifty years ago when I was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I remember asking her to send me an email, or perhaps I asked her…

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